Glimmer Technology  was founded in 2017 over a chance meeting at the Barnlight in Eugene, Oregon. Our first paid Augmented Reality project as a company was the step into poetry project created for the City of Eugene along with Wordcrafters and the Lane Arts Council. The feedback from our initial work was well received and lead to many other projects.  Since that first project Glimmer has created over 50 interactive AR and VR experiences that have been enjoyed by the public and local businesses.

A core principle we identified early on is applying our game development skills for the greater good.  With that in mind, we have created VR training applications in 3 main areas, medical training, classroom education and job skill training.  We believe the combination of web first content delivery partnered with high end VR courses delivery is a win-win scenario.

Often active in the local community, one of our favorite events is the local Hack for Cause.  We look forward to the next one!