The AR Zine  


Glimmer Technology is happy to share that  Lane Arts Council has signed on to provide fiscal sponsorship services for our upcoming AR Zine project! This will allow us to raise (tax deductible) funds to bring this project to life.  We also benefit from the support and guidance from LAC on a number of fronts. Below are some of our earlier projects that display some of the interactivity we want to offer in the AR Zine.


What is the AR Zine?

The AR Zine is an idea that we have been discussing for several years as a way to promote local artists and creatives by creating a physical zine that can also feature enhanced digital content.  Over the last several years, Glimmer has created a variety of physical/digital product offerings.  We think this is a natural progression and we can't wait to get started.

The AR-Zine will feature content by local artists, writers, musicians, performing artists and more.  Each one will have an opportunity to showcase their creation in the Physical printed Zine.  This AR Zine will also be available on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) in print and digital. A main feature of the AR Zine is the augmented components. Glimmer will create to AR components to their work.  This can be anything from a video of a creation process, or a n author reading her poem, or perhaps even an animated painting or graphic design.  We will also provide the artist a way to link to their store/website to promote their work.  We see this as a way to connect consumers to creators content. 

An example of how it would work...Someone picks up the AR Zine at a news stand while they're out to dinner. They look through it and enjoy it on that level.  Then they decide to download the free app, and check out the added digital content.   When they look at your page in the zine using their device , they can now listen to your song in the app.  The customer likes your song and clicks the link on your page to purchase the song or perhaps listen to your other offerings.  This would also be a good way to drive people to your online store or social media of choice.

Can I support the project?

You most certainly can here is the link to the AR Zine project on the Lane Arts Council site.  Donate to the AR zine!

Can I be in the AR Zine?

We want to include as many creators as we can.  To that end the physical size and number of pages in the ARZINE ts entirely based on funding.  We plan to raise funds first, then get cracking on producing the zine.  

Are you looking for sponsors?

We are!  We will be offering augmented ads!

Whats the point of this long term?

Our goal with the AR Zine is to connect people who like and support the arts with people who make the arts.  With that in mind, we would like to eventually have our publication stand on its own through sponsors and other typical ad type revenue.