Mission Statement

To increase community well being by developing purpose driven content.

Company Values

Glimmer is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Several of our team members serve on advisory boards and volunteer time to various non profits, including, Occupy Medical, Bitforest, and Lane Community College Media Arts.  We think giving back is important.

Glimmer Technology

Annual Benefit Report 2022


Glimmer Technology develops purpose driven applications and content.  We are proud to be a certified Benefit Corporation For Good.

Our company was founded in 2017 by experienced game developers with the idea of creating long term, sustainable jobs for local content creators.  Since the launch we have successfully partnered with city, state, federal, non-profit and private businesses to create a variety of projects.  Each project we take on tries to educate while entertaining the viewers.   We are fortunate to have several interactive projects still on display in the City of Eugene.  


In 2022, Glimmer created over 1000 hours of local contract work for our projects.  This work often goes to underemployed individuals or those learning new skills to get higher wages later.  We think creating an atmosphere that encourages people to learn and acquire new skills is a great area to focus on.  For all of our software projects we include a credits menu of who worked on it.  This helps those new to our industry get some published work.  And it bolsters already strong resumes by showing community support.

We also support aspiring game & content creators by being available 10 hours a month (in-person) to answer questions and coordinate new projects at the regular Bitforest(501c3)  coffee meetup held every Weds at Theo's Coffee House in Eugene.  Many of the questions are about software , process and how do you get started.   These coffee meetups have launched several endeavors including Glimmer at a similar event in 2017.

We continue to build on strong partnerships with trusted clients and new entities including OSHA, Occupy Medical, OSU Extension Services, Friends of Paul Bunyan Foundation, and Lane Arts Council to mention a few.  We  are committed to having open board meetings regularly.  We have several current and former employees as board members. 


Glimmer is a company that encourages remote work.  We believe that by letting people work in their own space they will be more productive.  We hold our developer meetings over online services like Slack, Discord and Zoom.  We don't see a need to have a brick and mortar office at this time. We have reduced our overall bulk assets by donating desks/tables/chairs and even computer equipment to local orgs.  We are also planning to eliminate our company storage unit in the coming year to further reduce our footprint.  Many if not all of these items will be donated.  As a point of helping the planet, we regularly visit next-step recycling to purchase common cords, cables and monitors.  This gives a second life to items that in some cases would have been headed to the dump.  Where possible we always opt for digital vs physical copies of statements, contracts, etc. 


Glimmer has continued to expand our business relationships.  We now have returning clients that have been with us for several years.  We are expanding our development efforts to include a greater focus on recurring revenue.  This will allow us to rely less on work-for-hire projects.  This will allow us to publish software and related content, with royalties going to those who worked on it after our break even is met.  We have an entity set up to facilitate just this course of action with new game titles being launched.  Our titles will be available on Mobile, Devices, Quest2 and Desktop.  We are currently evaluating ethical monetization strategies.  We have found that people upon hearing how we are a Certified Benefit For Good Company, and what it stands for, are more likely to engage with our offerings.

In addition we now have two grant funded projects that are ready to take off.  These projects were built on the system we created to make accessibility easier on a variety of platforms including the Quest2.  We have identified several areas of interest in the VR community space that we think make good sense for a benefit company for good.

Looking Forward

We plan to continue on our path and keep our eyes and mind open to new partnerships within the community.  Glimmer has several higher profile opportunities that we are nurturing.  Like every year since we were founded, Glimmer will continue to provide staff time to the community on a weekly basis to be present and field questions as we are able in the community. We are especially eager to reach out to other Benefit Corporations for Good companies to find areas of overlapping benefit in 2023.